"Man has become a tool of his tools."

- Henry  David Thoreau, 1817-1862

On this site we explore the impact that screens - mobile phones in particular - have on us. We study the line between benefit and addiction. We guard that line with our lives so that we can truly live.

is minecraft safe

Is minecraft safe for kids? Is minecraft addictive?

“He got so hooked to (online) gaming that he skipped  his meals, started living like a recluse and even stopped attending school, and it was then that the case was

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Is Social Media Good or Bad for Students?

Is Social Media good or bad for students? The answer to this is not all Black and White. Let's first look at the numbers from Pew Research Centre and Common

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Fake news in India

Fake news in India is the highest in the world. Why?

Fake News in India or abroad creates the same challenges. Whether it be the presidential elections in distant US, and 2019 Lok Sabha elections in India, social media is now

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Prevent Nomophobia

Eight effective ways to prevent Nomophobia or treat it

Before we try to prevent Nomophobia, let's understand it. The term NoMophobia was coined in 2008, in the wake of a study commissioned to research the link between mobile phone

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How to reduce social media use

How to reduce social media use – 12 simple proven steps

The world is hooked on to social media : the average person spends about 145 minutes on social media every day. Cumulatively, social media users the world over spend a

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How much screen time is healthy for a teenager

How much screen time is healthy for a teenager?

Regular Covid work-from-home day. I went to my 16-year-old son’s room to check on him during school hours. On my way I peeked into his 15-year-old sister’s room too. She

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